Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

imageThere is no need for a summary or review for this one. This is the most popular and read book out there by all ages. I spent years watching the movies and enjoyed all of them and found them fun. I didn’t love them the way all the readers who watched the movies. I had only watched movies 1-6 twice (because I had to rewatch them before the final movies came out.) I attempted to read the first book when I was ten and for some reason I found it so boring. Last year I decided I would finally try to read the series at 24 years old, just in time for my first visit to The Wizarding World of Harry  Potter.

I thought Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure did an amazing job of recreating the world. I do plan to return soon when I’ve finished the series.

No I’ve noticed that many people pick book 4 or 6 as there favorite of the series and after i finished reading book 4 I agreed but right now book 5 is my favorite. It has been the longest one yet, but it was so interesting the whole time. I felt so excited and so many other emotions the whole time I was reading it. I’m pretty sure I annoyed anyone who was near me as I was reading. I was just as bad as a man watching a football game.

So being that this is so clearly not a review here but a rant of what this book made me feel here it goes. I’m sure I can write pages beyond pages on Umbridge herself. If I hear another person try to clear there throat I will loose my mind hem hem. The whole time I was reading I just wanted someone to stick a wand in her eye. The psychotic evilness of her behavior drove me crazy. The constant ridiculous smile she always had on her face and her extremely girliness; pink parchment, cats & flowers all over her office. Her need for power was so apparent and none of the teachers liking her is also apparent.

Professor McGonagall is seriously my spirit animal. I enjoyed all the scenes where she had to interact with Umbridge and truly enjoyed how she spoke to her. She was the only one who spoke to her the way we readers all wanted her to. I couldn’t keep myself from laughing when she stood up yelling that she’ll make Harry Potter an auror if its the last thing she does.

Let’t not get me started on Percy, who in the movies became an insignificant character (goes to show you should always read the book.) I wish we got a scene of him when he realizes that he’s been believing in the wrong people and that Voldemort is back and was just being a git as Ron likes to say.

I think I’ll end my rant here… until I finish book 6, my friends favorite.


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