Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

So I’ve finished another one! I cant believe it. I know I’m not going through the series as fast as I was when I started (mainly because my schedule allowed more reading time) but I still cant help but feel like I went through them so fast. I can’t wait to be done with the series so I can see Harry Potter posts without freaking out that I’m going to be spoiled.

Okay, so lets get to my opinions and feelings. This is the 6th book in the series and Harry is 16 years old. The book starts off shortly after the last, so instead of the whole summer passing its only been a few days or weeks ( I can’t remember.) I really enjoyed the growth in this book. They were all very sarcastic and funny and definitely
not children anymore. It no longer felt like I was reading middle grade book. With 16 years of age came love. It was interesting to see how the love began with these characters and how they connected and how it grew. The movies don’t really portray it because there is not enough time. Reading allowed me to see and understand how each character ended up with who they ended up with and it was a lot of fun to see. I felt like i smiled a lot while reading this. We get so much more information into Voldemort which is awesome.



But then i guess not really. I’ve seen all the movies but I DO NOT remember Dumbledore dying. I was so shocked and devastated. I couldn’t believe it was happening I had to reread the passage a few times for it to sink in. Even now that I am a few chapters into Deathly Hallows i want to go back and reread Dumbledore’s death. I feel like there was more to it that i am missing. The movie made it seem like there was more to it than the book did. (As a side note i was greatly disappointed when they didn’t include Dumbledore’s funereal in the movie. I believe that was a very important part and should have been shown.)



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