Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

911Xmhn9+rLThis beloved series has returned to its beloved readers a new book with a promise to return them to the magic wizarding world. That puts a lot of pressure on one book. It’s been nine years since they last left Hogwarts. The anticipation for this book building. Which leads me to believe this book was doomed before it was published. It would either going to be as great as its predecessors or it would fail miserably. Or it will be like pokemon go and bring such strong nostalgia that it will be beloved regardless. That latter is the case.

I’m new to the Harry Potter book series, just having recently finished it and loved it I felt a little sad when it was over. What excited me was that I would not have to wait long for a new book to read. So I devoured it in one day. I for one didn’t struggle with reading the script. So it was fine by me to not have all the extra descriptions, JK did a great job embedding all the imagery to her readers in all 7 books. It was fun to see the gang again and see them in a new journey in life, parenting. There children were fun to see as well, to see the pieces of them in the children. It was  entertaining to read and I encourage all fans to pick it up and read it. It is not a must but it’s nice to get a little of your childhood back for those who grew up with Harry, Hermione, Ron, & Malfoy.Its that extended epilogue we always wanted, that reunion series back for one more episode.

*Spoiler below*

Although I’m aware that Harry and the rest are many years older and are parents now so they have grown but they just didn’t really seem like themselves. They all came off as different characters trying to pretend to be them. The only ones who I felt had a glimpse of who they are suppose to be; Ron and Malfoy.I appreciated Ron in this book a lot. He was the comic relief I needed and made me feel better throughout the script to have his jokes and sarcasm again. Malfoy had his moments of whiny again too. Malfoy will never be a character I necessarily care about but I disliked him less.

I was disappointed Teddy didn’t make even the slightest appereance. Harry is suppose to be his godfather and Teddy is an orphaned child. Harry was an orphaned child, why was that not important enough to even discuss in at least a conversation. Also, with the mention of Neville a few times I was hoping he would actually be apart of the story.

The language, it didn’t feel right for me. The way they spoke didn’t match what I remember from the past books. And I feel that it made Albus and Scorpious seem more immature than there age.

Albus, yet reminded me much of young Harry, he was annoying. His attitude, understandable was still ridiculous. To be a child of such a known person, I can only assume how hard that must be, how expectant others must be of you and how big the shoes are to fill. I still wanted to slap Albus for his behavor and Harry for allow his child to behave as such. Why is it only Albus who struggled with being the child of The One Who Lived. I’m sure James and Lily had there struggles, even if there were in the House that all expected them to be in. I thought it extremely typical that Albus ended up in Slytherin and befriended Malfoys son.

I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was reading a fanfiction the whole time. Which bothered me a little. Which made me keep thinking there was going to be a twist of Albus & Scorpious relationship. I’m glad I was wrong in that. It seemed too predictable with Delphi, Voldemort’s child, Lestrange’s daughter. It just didn’t make sense and wasn’t explained enough. It gave the impression rushed ideas not thought out. It could have been more creative. I wanted to see more of Harry’s relationship with his other children too, they played such small roles.








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