T5W: Books You Will Never Read

August 31st: Books You Will Never Read
–Whether it’s from a series that you have outgrown or don’t wish to continue, or they are popular books that just don’t interest you, let us know what you don’t plan on reading.

These are in no particular order

The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare
I read the first book a few years ago by request of a friend and I didn’t hate it but I never felt inclined to ask her for the rest of the books. I did find the prequel trilogy more interesting but I still have yet to feel the pull to read the last two even with all the hype and love and etc. 

The Bloodlines by Richelle Mead
Well I never finished the Vampire Academy series so why would I read this one right? Plus I am pretty much over anything vampire right now. (reading wise I mean)

The Wolves of Mercy Falls by Maggie Stiefvater
It didn’t interest me enough when they first came out and through the years its never interested me.

Grey by E.L. James
I did read the trilogy but I just dont think I could read it all again especially from his perspective without laughing, rolling my eyes or DNFing it so why bother. 

Life and Death by Stephanie Meyer
I read the twilight series very fast when I was just out of high school and I guess you can say I devoured them. During reading them I really liked the books even though I didn’t like Bella or Edward. My favorite characters were Alice, Jacob, Emmett (wait is that his name….?) but I moved on from it easily and the fandom and craze made me not want to see or hear anything twilight related for the rest of my life.


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