Reading Epiphany

When you finally get it through your head that reading is for pleasure and you should only read what you like. Yes, that is obvious, but I think we tend to forget that with all the book media outlets. Bookstagram, booktube, books amino, etc. I think booktube viewers get wrapped up in the videos and the amazing book shelves in the background. They are amazing and gorgeous and goals. How many books do you have on your ever growing shelves that you have very little interest in?
I’ve got caught up in my return to my love of books and purchased books more and more for the possession of them. I bought myself a basic small book shelf with three shelves and filled it with many used books from the dollar store, library book fairs, bookoutlet, and instagram book sales. It allowed me to grow a decent bookshelf for a decent price.With over 120 books I am certain that I won’t read many of them. I’ve allowed myself to unhaul a box full of books already from reading or half way reading and DNFing them. Its refreshing to unshelf these books and not return them.
I still want an amazing goal worthy bookshelf of my own. I want my own personal library. But I want my library to be full of books I’ve already read and just a few books that I know I will definitely read. So, along with me achieving my reading goal ( 50 books in 2016 which I just surpassed 🙂 ) I will be purging myself of the books I am confident I won’t be reading and only got because they sounded mildly interesting and were only $0.25- $1. By the end of 2016 I want to get rid of the mass majority of the books I own so that I can eventually replace them with books I currently really want.

Along with this new, ridiculously obvious, revelation I am going through my goodreads “to-read” shelf and narrow down the books that I still think are worth reading. I want to have a smaller tbr on my goodreads because I will always have a long never ending tbr, lets face it, there are way too many books in existent. I hope that doing this I will be reading more 4 star books in my future.


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