Gilmore Girls Season 1

I’m trying to re-watch Gilmore Girls before the revival later this month and thought I’d make a post about each season with my thoughts and etc. It took me about 3 and 1/2 days to get through the season and with my calculations I’ll have to watch at least 7 episodes a day to finish the entire series before the revival (including Thanksgiving Day.)

Alexis Bledel, Rory, was 19 when the first season was aired. She looks so young and acts so childish I love it. It’s so nice to see a teenage act like a normal teenage, even though she is portrayed as a rare teen. So many shows with casts that are suppose portray high school students look too old to be in high school and are always out drinking. It’s awesome that there is a show that shows not all teens are like that and plenty of them take school seriously and enjoy reading.

The first season is such a strong season where I felt like I was smiling the whole time. I adore the unique mother daughter relationship  that Rory and Lorelai have. A special bond that makes them best friends but Lorelai never lets that get in the way of being a mother first. She wants to be her best friend but still her mother. I love how throughout the season they explain the struggle that Lorelai went through as a teen mom and yet still manages to succeed in life in many ways creating a happy life for herself and Rory all on her own.

Now lets touch base on the two characters that drive us, me?, nuts. Emily Gilmore and Paris Geller. Emily Gilmore is a hard pill to swallow. She says that she tries to understand Lorelai but I disagree. I believe she can’t possibly understand how she created a child that is so different from her and struggles to relate to her and in that struggle she gets too upset to try. She’s still too angry with her only daughter leaving and taking her only grandchild with her that she can’t let it go long enough to consider the part she played in those actions. Emily and Richard like to complain and be upset that Lorelai left because they were so horrible blah blah blah but they don’t seem to take the time to think why a 16 year old pregnant girl would decided to leave the luxury of a big home with more than enough money to care for her and a baby. They do have there shining moments where they praise Lorelai for raising such an amazing daughter and like, but I feel like all is forgotten next time something comes up. Emily judges too much and says some unforgiving comments, “you can use your mothers there upstairs gathering dust along with the rest of her potential.” It makes her sound so unforgivable. It’s like I want to feel for her but as of Season 1 I cannot.

Then we have Paris, the typical annoying character that is way too strung out. She is just the definition of annoying. She’s way too competitive and in season 1 so naive and petty. Any time she thinks Rory and Tristan are anything she wants to be mean and act like Rory is the enemy and its sad really that she’s basically mad at Rory and not at tall at Tristan and that because things with Tristan aren’t working out so him liking Rory is bad. I’m pretty sure I find her annoying forever but can tolerate her more as she gets older. But she is just too much, her personality is too strong and exhausting. More power to Rory.

Season 1: season finale

I love Luke and Lorelai, they are clearly meant to be together. Luke’s love for Rory is very clear and how he understands them and can keep up with them is so cute. Even though he’s always so grumpy when Lorelai is always so hyper, they just go together. So of course I don’t think Lorelai should marry Max. I do think they make a good couple and their relationship is cute and he can keep up with her banter and I loved how happy she was with him. But they barely had a relationship and then they were apart for some time where they saw other people and now that they are barely back together he thinks they should get married, no.
I know many people hate Dean. I can’t remember if I hate Dean, I don’t think I do. I don’t think that he and Rory are meant to be together but they are only 16. I think he is a good first boyfriend. He “loves” her and he makes her happy and hes sweet. They are so cute together and even though I was annoyed at how mad he was when she didn’t say I love you back, I don’t hate him.



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