Book Review: Cold Feet at Christmas

23245641Title: Cold Feet at Christmas
Author: Debbie Johnson
Genre: Chick Lit
Pages: 222 Kindle Edition
Read: December 2nd (1 day)
Goodreads: 3.63 Stars


This was not the sweet, lifetime-esque chick lit I thought I was getting myself into. Though it started on Christmas Eve, this book takes place in a time span of a year. Its events are all centered around what happened on Christmas though. Leah flees her wedding with nothing but her purse and a car that’s not even hers and gets stuck. She walks 20 minutes or so to the nearest house and lands in the arms of Rob, literally, and he gives her a place to stay on Christmas. These two strangers spend Christmas together with the intention of moving on with their lives after a few days. But things change when Rob invites Leah to go back to home with him and start a new life there, which he believes she desperately needs. She agrees to go on this new adventure with the help of this apparent “God like” stranger and see what kind of life she can create for herself in a different country.

This book is basically a typical, strangers meet, find one another insanely attractive, act on said attraction but don’t allow one another to let things move further than that. Each dealing with a past of their one, the guy less willing to admit his feelings and than in turn breaking the heart of the girl and blah blah blah. You catch my drift. There was nothing really original or special about this book. I didn’t really care for the characters alone and I definitely was not rooting for their relationship. I don’t know if it was necessarily all that toxic in comparison to other books, but it came off as pure attraction, I couldn’t really pull myself into seeing why these too should be together. The big event that happen were not a surprise, more expected and I found myself waiting for it to happen. I enjoyed the side character more, Rob’s twin bother, than I did Leah and Rob. Their backstory were sad ones, and their struggles with them were understandable and I’m sure relate able to those who have gone through similar things but I didn’t feel as effected by them as I wish I did.

I think the only reason I finished it was because it was a fast short read and I was just curious how the story would end. It was anticlimactic and not something I would really recommend others to read.




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