Book Review: The Christmas Town

28220775Title: The Christmas Town
Author: Donna VanLiere
Genre: Christmas, Christian Fiction
Read: December 6th (one sitting)
Pages 240
Goodreads 4.16 stars


I honestly do not remember how this book ended up being placed on hold at the library but I picked up the small hardcover and thought why not without reading the synopsis. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was a Christian novel, something I have not read before. I have watched many Christian and non Christian movies during the holiday season on tv for years. This book is basically reading one of those movies. In face I plan to research if a movie was made. Moving on.

This intertwines many different lives and how they bring Christmas cheer to those around them. It major centers around a young woman named Lauren who has not had the best of luck with family in her life and she is craving a “normal family” for Christmas. One night she witnesses a hit and run and calls 911. The woman who was hit offers to buy her some coffee to say thank you and Lauren is pulled into the world of the next town over and all of their Christmas plans. We follow a few more characters and how basically all of them change Lauren’s life.

Now there is nothing special about the writing style or the way the author brings the town into view for you or anything like that. This book is about the characters, love, and Christmas. What makes this a  5 star read for me is the way it puts things into perspective for me. We all fail to remember the meaning of Christmas and though this is labeled a Christian book, it does not emphasis the meaning of Christmas to be the birth of Jesus the way some of you may have assumed.

“Christmas wasn’t for the ones who had their lives in order. Christmas wasn’t for the ones who had no need for anything. It was for the ones who are messy and hopeless and feeling alone. It was for the ones who keep making the same mistake over and over and for the ones whose relationships are wrecked before they’ve even begun. Christmas was for all of the Zach’s out on the street and for the twenty year old young woman looking for a family on Craigslist.”

After reading this book, it has opened my eyes to how important it is to remember Christmas is for others not a burden or a stresser. It is to bring joy to those who need it most and to remind others that they are important and needed and wanted. We should all be Ben’s and this world bringing any bit of happiness to those around us no matter how small the gesture is. (this will make more sense if you read the book) This book as sparked something in me that I don’t think I’ll shake off and has put my mind in motion. How can I bring Christmas cheer to others, strangers, or any time of year.


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