Book Review: My Lady Jane

22840421Title: My Lady Jane
Author: Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton, Jodi Meadows
Genre: YA Retelling/Historical Fiction, Fantasy (?)
Pages 491
Goodreads  4.16/5 *


I had to do a little research in history of Lady Jane Grey, the nine day queen, before jumping into this fun read. Lady Jane Grey, in history, married Lord Guilford Dudley and shortly after the teen king died he named Jane his successor and that is how she became queen. In this book, the narrators/authors stat in the beginning that they changed the story on how they think things should have went for Jane. There is also a fun magic twist to the storyline.

The book goes chapter to chapter with each characters perspective of the events that are happening with Edward the King, Lady Jane, and Guilford who prefers to be called G. When Edward suddenly gets sick and is advised to name Jane his successor and have her marry off to a Lord so that their heirs can be the future King, Jane’s life changes forever. Jane is such a fun and unique character for her time period. She loves books and is known for that as well. She is very independent and never wanted to be queen. She loves to learn. G on the other hand has a love for words as well but in a different way than Jane and is not as happy about the arranged marriage.

What I really liked about this book was how the roles of women where dealt with. Everyone knows that back then, its even said in the book, that the role of a woman and Lady is to produce as many male heirs as possible. The young men in this book don’t exactly feel the same. it is proven in many parts of the book with the things they say and or think that they do not exactly agree and think that the women in their lives are just as capable as the men to rule a kingdom. It was refreshing to read a book in that time period with men thinking that way.

The magic element in this story was a unique one and it was a fun twist to the story and the way it played into the love interests. I thought the authors did a good job of retelling this story in a fun and modern way. I would definitely enjoy reading another retelling like this about any other person in history.


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