2017 Goals/ T5W

So its a new year and its our favorite time to set new bookish goals. Last year I wanted to read 50 books and I read 67. I also wanted to read one self-help book a month and I read non as well as wanted to complete the 2016 reading challenge and that didn’t go too well either.

With setting new goals its like a push and pull. You want to go big or go home, set yourself up and push yourself to accomplish goals that you know you can if you just stay motivated. But also its wanted to not put the stress on your reading so you don’t loose the joy of it all.

My goals for this year are more relaxed and easy to accomplish as long as I don’t forget.

  • read 65 books (this year that will include graphic novels/manga)
  • read more poetry and self help (I will not be setting a goal # for this)
  • use my tbr jar each month for at least one book
  • do the Year Reading Challenge
  • try to accomplish the 2017 Reading Challenge
  • don’t be afraid to DNF
  • don’t get behind on reviews

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