Review: Three Dark Crowns

Title: Three 23207027Dark Crowns
Author: Kendare Blake
Pages 416
Read: December 16th- January 3rd
Genre: YA Fantasty

Three Dark Queens
are born in a glen
sweet little triplets
will never be friends

Three Dark Sisters
all fair to be seen
two to devour and
one to be queen


Some readers said that they had a hard time with the book, that it was kind of slow to start because of all the government/royal system. I personally found it interesting from the start and didn’t think that the book spent too much time explaining things. I think it was all explained in a good manor without it feeling like info dump.

Each chapter lets you into the lives of each queen and how they are preparing for their “ascension year,” which is basically the year they are given free range to kill each other and the last one standing is crowned Queen until she has her own daughters and it starts all over. Each of the triplets are 16 now and they are all so different. They are raised with different types of people that match the power they each are suppose to possess; naturalist, elemental, and poisoner.

Each girl was very like-able in my opinion. I started off really enjoying Katherine, the poisoner queen, but in time I really loved Arsinoe, the naturalist queen as well. Mirabella is a like-able character as well but she is the predictable character that people will like. She is sweet and powerful and kind and isn’t harsh enough. But I just couldn’t find myself really feeling bad for her and being too interested in what what was going on with her.

I think the premise of this book is so interesting and it was a good first book to a series/trilogy. The ending of it was not exactly a cliffhanger but a game changer for sure. Everyone has switched their thoughts they originally had and there will be much more violence and revenge and all that good stuff you thought would have been in this one when you open the book and read the above poem. I’m excited to see what each of the girls will do next as well as what will happen to a few of the side characters. I really enjoyed the friendships that Mirabella and Arsinoe had and I want to know what will happen to them and how they will be effected by the ascension year.


2 thoughts on “Review: Three Dark Crowns

  1. Ooh, I bought this for Christmas and I’ve heard mixed review about this one, but I’m still super excited to read it! Great review! I love politics in books, so this might be up my alley! 😄

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