Review: The Girl Before

28016509Title: The Girl Before
Author: J.P. Delaney
Pages 320
Genre: Thriller
Finished: January 3-7th
Publication Date: January 24th



I received this from Netgalley.

In the description of this book The Girl on The Train and The Silent Wife are both mentioned in common with the genre of psychological thriller. Having read both of these books I found The Girl Before a more interesting read. I was never bored or felt like there were any slow moments during my read. Emma and Jane are two very different woman who both end up with similar events happening in their timeline. With Emma from a few years back and Jane in the present you as a reader get to see how similar events happen to them but their actions are not so similar. At the beginning I wasn’t quite sure what the “mystery” was going to be and as you keep reading more and more, things are revealed to you and you still aren’t sure what is trying to be solved exactly. When the main “mystery” is revealed, it’s not the only thing you’re curious about. You are curious about so much more than just solving the big mystery Jane is so intent on finding more information about. There are questions as to how everything relates to one another.

It took me by surprise because I had so many theories about what was important and what wasn’t.  At first I felt near the ending that it was a little anticlimactic but I came to realize that there was much more to the story than just solving that one particular aspect. I respected the ending with Jane’s character and the reveal of the title. It’s always my favorite part to find the title in a book and see if it truly does have significance to the story and this did not disappoint. It was definitely not what I thought the title would stand for but I love it. I would definitely read more by this author.


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