Review: Too Late

29610595Title: Too Late
Author: Colleen Hoover
Pages 365 (wattpad)
Genre: NA Contemporary/Romance
Read: January 15th – 17th


This is Colleen Hoovers free wattpad story for her fans. It is told in typical Colleen Hoover fashion with a dramatic love story. This story follows Sloan who is in an unhealthy relationship but stays in it for one reason only. But of course someone else comes along and it becomes a “love triangle?” This wasn’t given all of her effort the same way her past works have. The only reason I continued reading it was because I was just curious how it would end. The end seemed dramatic and unrealistic. I thought all of it was dramatic. Each characters personality seemed more dramatic than normal and seemed juvenile. I thought she portrayed Asa and Carter’s POV poorly.
I know Colleen Hoover gets a lot of hate for her work and she’s either a beloved author and a hated one. I tend to be a fan of her books, but this is definitely a do not read. It was not worth it and it. I found the story line boring.


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