Review: Beautiful Broken Girls

29102879Title: Beautiful Broken Girls

Author: Kim Savage

Pages 336

Read: February 8th – February 17th

Genre: YA Mystery



I received an ecopy from Netgalley for an honest review.

Two sisters who were the love of the town. Considered the untouchable beauties, were found dead in the town quarry. Ben was in love with one of the sisters and a few days after their bodies are found he finds a letter in the mail addressed to him in one of the sisters handwriting. Mira left him a note telling him that she left 7 other notes that he is meant to find. He spends the entire book remember the moments they had together in each of the locations he finds the notes Mira hid for him hoping to find some answers.

This is told in alternating POVs of Ben in the present dealing with the death of Mira and the past of the Cillo sisters, Mira and Francesca, and the months leading up to their death. The idea of a teenage boy going on the hunt for the notes by the dead teenage girl he was in love with to solve why she died the way she did sounds interesting enough. The execution just was not enough for me. I found non of the characters interesting. I was definitely bored and unfortunately I stopped paying attention to the dates. Each chapter/section was divided by the month and  year to help you keep track of the timeline but since I was so uninterested I stopped noticing the dates and would get confused. With that being said there were times where I would flip back to set things straight but there were times where things seemed to just be missing. A character did something to another and than in another scene it is treated as if it had not  happened or that it was forgotten.I couldn’t understand that.

What really bothered me was the feeling I had of nothing being explained. I don;t know if that is because I am not familiar with the subject matter but too much was left unexplained. I don’t think this mystery is ever solved and all it did was give more mysteries. Most of the teens in this story were all mentally unstable in different ways and their way of thinking seemed so unhealthy as well as the fact that the whole narrative was basically unreliable. So it ends and nothing is answered and nothing makes sense and your left with being annoyed by everyone.

At least that was the case for me lol


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