What I’d Like to Re-read

Lately I have been feeling the itch to re-read some books. I have already started so by re-reading a few graphic novels. My reasoning for wanting to re-read differs depending on each book. Some are due to wanting to annotate some books that I hadn’t because I had first read it from the library or just got too distracted by the story to remember to tab it. Some of them have coloring books now and I’d like to reread to find the passages that have descriptions for the pages in the coloring book etc. I wanted to try to make a compiled list of the books as of now that I want to re-read (at any time)


  • Shatter Me trilogy
    I started randomly listening to Shatter Me on audiobook, I got as far as chapter 5 and as I was listening to it I already knew certain parts I wanted to underline etc. With the slightly more news of the Shatter Me tv series (?) I’d like to re-read the trilogy to annotate and refresh my  memory of it before it airs, whenever that is…


  • Harry Potter
    Just because I  had started to tab it but I actually want to underline, highlight, and write in it now. When I read them the first time I was too engulfed by the story to bother stopping to find a highlighter and etc. Now I want to re-read it to write all over it My copy of the series is all used and worn so I just feel like they need to be written in.


  • To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before
    I honestly think this is such a cute fun light story and with the last book in the trilogy releasing this year I’d like to attempt to re-read the first two in preperation of the final book.


  • The Throne of Glass series
    I am obsessed with seeing the finished coloring pages online. I want it for my own and I want to re-read the series to tab the sections that give me enough description to know how to color the coloring book. As well as reread it without waitingyears in between the books and curiously see how I feel after rereading.


  • The Lunar Chronices
    I really enjoyed this series but I don’t think I want to re-read the entire series just selection passages as well so that I would know how I want to color the coloring book.


  • A Court of Thorns and Roses
    Because I’d like to re-read ACOMAF and tab it up before reading the finale in the trilogy and hope and hope for a coloring book for this series.

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