Review: The You I’ve Never Known

the-you-ive-never-known-9781481442909_hrTitle: The You I’ve Never Known

Author: Ellen Hopkins

Pages 608

Genre: YA Contemporary

Read: March 2-7th

Published: January 24, 2017

Goodreads: 3.98 stars


My biggest suggestion is to not read the synopsis in the inside flap of this book. In my opinion it gives away too much. I did not read it myself until after I finished the book. I went into this book essentially blind to anything other than knowing the writing style.


This book is told following two different girls perspectives; Maya and Ariel. Ariel’s perspective is written in verse while Maya’s is written in normal style. I have only read maybe one or two books in verse so I’m not exactly comfortable with the style. I struggled with trying to find the rhythm and ended up just reading it like normal. There were a total of two pages that I found poetic. I know that this is Ellen’s style that she writes her books in but I feel like the book would have been a lot shorter had it been written regular.

The story itself was an interesting one and I didn’t want to put the book down. With it in verse it made it feel like I was reading fast. There were moments where I found the dialogue a little immature or not the way you would hear normal conversation. I found it predictable what the “plot twist” was without it being any less enjoyable to read.

Reasons you might like this book:

  • coming of age story
  • latina character
  • lesbian characters
  • rape culture handle the right way

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