Popular Series I Haven’t Read

So many books not enough time. The “to be read” list will never come to an end and even though that causes much anxiety to some of us readers it is kind of a beautiful thing. If you successfully completed your tbr then what in the world would you read next. I have quiet a few book series that I haven’t read/completed but would like to.


The Selection by Kiera Cass
I do not own this series, my sister does. I have The Selection on my bookshelf at the moment this is not on the top of my list but I am curious about it but I don’t have high hopes.

The Selection – April 24, 2012 [4.16 stars]
The Elite – April 23, 2013 [4.02 stars]
The One – May 6, 2014 [4.21 stars]


The Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo
My sister also has this trilogy that she has placed on my shelf because I told her I had the ebooks and always wanted to read the trilogy. More so now that I got the Six of Crows duology for Christmas. I hope to get to this some time around May

Shadow and Bone – June 5, 2012 [4.06 stars]
Siege and Storm – June 4, 2013 [4.09 stars]
Ruin and Rising – June 17, 2014 [4.18 stars]


The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater
I listened to the first book on audio last month and really enjoyed how unique this story is but I did get a little confused while listening to it that I kind of wished I read it instead. I would like to finish the rest by physical copy.

The Raven Boys – September 18, 2012 [4.05 stars] READ
The Dream Thieves – September 17, 2013 [4.28 stars]
Blue Lily, lily Blue – October 21, 2014 [4.33 stars]
The Raven King – April 26, 2016 [4.32 stars]


The Winner’s Trilogy by Marie Rutkoski
I really want to read this series I have tried my hardest to avoid all spoilers and all I know is the basic plot of a princess who isn’t physically strong at fighting but is smart and actually even as I am writing this I am forgetting what else. That’s okay though because I’m sure it will make my enjoyment of the trilogy better.

The Winner’s Curse – March 4, 2014 [4.03 stars]
The Winner’s Crime – March 3, 2015 [4.18 stars]
The Winner’s Kiss – March 29, 2016 [4.30 stars]


The Remnant Chronicles by Mary E. Pearson
I am really excited to read this one and I also don’t know much of the plot aside from there are two guys and you don’t know which is prince (?) or the assassin (?) or something similar to that. That is enough for me it has a lot of love and I’m very interested in that plot, even if it isn’t 100% accurate.

The Kiss of Deception -July 8,2014 [4.07 stars]
The Heart of Betrayal – July 7, 2015 [4.35 stars]
The Beauty of Darkness – August 2, 2016 [4.25 stars]


Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes
I honesty know nothing about this series aside from it being a fantasy with a lot of books and since the only fantasy series I am currently reading is Throne of Glass it will be nice to get into a different series. I know those who aren’t fans of Throne of Glass really like this series and since I am a fan of Throne of Glass I hope I’ll love this more.

Falling Kingdoms – December 11,2012 [3.84 stars]
Rebel Spring – December 3, 2013 [4.17 stars]
Gathering Darkness – December 9, 2014 [4.34 stars]
Frozen Tides – December 15, 2015 [4.45 stars]
Crystal Storm – December 13, 2016 [4.32 stars]
Immortal Reign – December 12, 2017


Study – Marie V. Snyder
I have been trying to get my hands on this for years. But I could never find it at my library. I think I finally got it on ebook format so I’m hoping to get to it soon. This is also another series I know the bare minimum about. She will be the food taster for the king in exchange for n ot being a prisoner….(please DON’T feel free to correct me, I like going into books with a good amount of surprise)

Poison Study – March 1, 2007 [4.16 stars]
Magic Study – October 1, 2006 [4.06 stars]  (not sure why goodreads has the years like that)
Fire Study – February 19, 2008 [3.95 stars]


The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken
I just recently bought the first two books of this series. I knew I wanted to read this years ago but I now don’t remember why. I heard rumors of it being turned into a movie and that sparked my interest even more.

The Darkest Minds – December 18, 2012 [4.26 stars]
Never Fade – October 15, 2013 [4.34 stars]
In The Afterlight – October 28, 2014 [4.37 stars]


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