March Entertainment

I love to Netflix and watching movies and TV shows. I can be pretty picky and than other times very whatever about what I watch. My interests tend to go all over the place. Here is a wrap up of all the different things I watched in the month of March, probably not in the order they were seen in.


I was going to try to rate this but I decided I have no idea how. I didn’t like this movie. It had nothing to do with the content. I struggled with the layout of the movie. I was having trouble following along with the way they portrayed the story. I think the way the movie was put together was for me at all I found myself drifting off and not wanting to finish it.

Doctor Strange
I’m a fan of all super hero movies. I watched the animated movie I think the month before and my boyfriend gave me some information on the Doctor Strange comics so I of course found in so good.

Beauty and the Beast (animated and live action)
So of course I loved the animated movie but the live action….. I’m still not completely in love. I didn’t hate it but I didn’t love it so all my excitement for it drained out of me by the time I walked out of the theater. I have many opinions that I might leave for a post of its own. I want to read the original story first.

Before I Go to Sleep
I watched this on Netflix, I really wanted to read the book first but I couldn’t wait anymore and I knew the boyfriend would like it so I went for it and I really liked the premise and it was so intriguing. I recommend for those who enjoy thrillers.

TV’s Shows:

TVD season 8
So I rushed to finish the last season of Vampire Diaries and I just feel like the season was just a rushed through ending. I was not satisfied by the ending. I appreciated the change in the focus in comparison from where the show focused in the first season. The focus on brotherhood was sweet but I think it just ended too happily ever after even though it didn’t completely.

Friends (rewatch) S1E1- S8 E16
Do I need to even explain myself or even say anything. I was in a blah mood one day and wanted to watch something that didn’t require me to really focus on what is going on and it makes me laugh.

Kiss Him, Not Me
I watched this anime with a friend, we did one episode a day and I dont recommend. I’m not sure if they are making a new season for it, they probably should because the way it ended it gave no solution but I also feel like their will never be one. Each episode just seems repetitive of the last.

The Devil is a Part-Timer! S1E1-E6
I watched the first few episodes and now I think I will drop it because it is just not interesting.

Toradora ep5-25 (end)
I loved this anime. It was so cute and I just fell in love with the Taiga! A definite recommend for those who enjoy romance, slice of life anime. I want Taiga fan art.



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