Review: None of the Above

IMG_0583Title: None of the Above

Author: I. W. Gregorio

Pages 352

Genre: YA Contemporary, GLBT

Format Read: eBook






The premise of this book was very intriguing but I found the writing style lacking. I’m not one to discuss writing style too often because I don’t think of myself as someone who is good at interpreting the different types but I noticed in the beginning I thought it read pretty juvenile and I kept thinking the Krissy was 15 instead of 18. With that aside I found this a very interesting and important read, I feel like I learned from this book and I feel others who are not educated on intersex will too, this book included some real intersex people which lead me to do some research of my own and I always appreciate that in a work of fiction. There is a focus on getting support from others and seeking friendship from those who will stand by you. I loved Gretchen, a character Krissy becomes friends with, she was a great role model and helpful to Krissy.

I find some of the events that took place so believe and that’s what makes it so sad. High school can really suck, you just have to find the right people to be by your side.
I found the ending pretty predictable but I was also sad for it to just end there. I would have liked a little more from the story but I do see that it did achieve what I feel like the author meant to achieve.


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