Mini Review | Stars Above

StarsAboveTitle: Stars Above (The Lunar Chronicles # 4.5)

Author: Marissa Meyer

Genre: Scifi, Retelling

Pages 400

Format Read: Hardcover



This may be more towards a 2 1/2 stars

This was more for a reader who miss the series, the world and/or the characters. It gives you a little extra for many characters, allowing you to have a bit more of their back stories. It was a decent read but not necessary at all. I was hoping it would have been more worth my time but I feel like it wasn’t for me personally. I do recommend it over Fairest. All the stories are events that happen before Cinder, not necassarily following the main cast of characters but those who were apart of the main casts life. But the last story takes place after Winter. I think if you were to read any of them it would be the last one but I was very underwhelmed by it and a little disappointed by how bland it read to me. My honest opinion/recommendation would be to borrow the book from the library and read the last story.


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