Review| Shadow and Bone

Title: Shadow and Bone

Author: Leigh Bardugo

Pages 358

Genre: YA Fantasy

Reading Format: paperback



I’m struggling with rating this book because it was pretty average to me.
Lets say its somewhere between a 2.75-3 stars for me.

The only thing I knew about this book/series was the word/name Darkling and how he is so terrible and the villain. Imagine my surprise when I finally finish the book and I still don’t feel like he is a very good villain. I found him boring and bland as a character he was barely present for me to understand his character. I don’t think his “villainy” was well developed but instead just shoved down our throats. I found the actions of Alina our main character rather predictable and her interactions with the Darkling boring and weird. I was hoping for a ohhh or a bit of a surprised moment but nothing seemed to spark much feeling out of me.
This was a very fast read for me, I was pretty impressed with how quickly I read this considering it wasn’t that interesting. It can definitely be read in one sitting. I will be giving the next book a try out of pure curiosity as well as hoping it will get better and be a just as quick read.

In other words Sam from Sam’s Nonsense pretty much explains everything I felt towards this book in her review.


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