Review| Always and Forever, Lara Jean

Title: Always and Forever, Lara Jean
(To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before #3)

Author: Jenny Han

Pages 336

Genre: YA Contemporary

Reading Format: Hardcover



I was not a fan of the second book in this trilogy. After I read it I felt like To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before should have just been a stand alone. I didn’t like the decision Lara Jean made at the end of PS I Still Love You and I went into this with those feelings.
I actually really enjoyed this book and I think it might be my favorite one of all three (personal opinion of course). Lara Jean is a senior now and a lot of things are about to change and there are a lot of choices to make. We get to see how much she has grown but yet she is still the love-able sweet baking Lara Jean from book one. I adore her character and find it so refreshing for YA. We get to see the growth in her relationship and I accepted it more in this one ;). I really liked how much he changed and stepped up in this one and how loyal he truly was/is to her. I think was I appreciated most in this book is how honest it felt to me. I could relate to a lot of the worries Lara Jean had in her relationship and college. Jenny Han didn’t shy away from the pressures of high school relationships and the assumptions of whether fellow high school couples were having sex just because they had been together for a extended period of time, or how it was honest in how there was no pressure but still slight embarrassment. I read some reviews where people didn’t like Margot in this book but I personally liked getting more of her. Some said she was rude but I think she was understandable to those in her situation and I felt her attitude towards things also seemed very honest to the situations going on in this book And who could forget the best character of all Kitty, she did not disappoint.
In the end, if you like these characters and you like who Lara Jean ends up with in the previous one than you’re sure to enjoy this. Read it and take in all the cute fluff but also the realness of high school. I really did like the ending.

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