Review: Talking as Fast as I Can

Title: Talking as Fast as I Can:
From Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls, and Everything in Between

Author: Lauren Graham

Genre: Memoir

Pages 209

Format Read: Audiobook

Goodreads 4.05 stars



I’ve loved Lauren Graham since Gilmore Girls aired on tv. It was one of my favorite shows growing up. I was really excited to read this after so many Lauren fans were raving on it. I picked the audio version of this so that I could hear her story the right way. It was fun hearing about her growing up and her trials as trying to become an actress but than after awhile I found myself bored and tuning it out and then when I would realize that I wasn’t interested in rewinding to hear what I missed. Which makes me thankful that I opted the audio version because with the physical I would have skipped many pages. I was assuming that a large portion of this book would have been dedicated to Gilmore Girls being that it was such a large part of her acting life but it was just a small piece of this book. She goes through watching the show and shares small commentary/summary of each season, which really just is about her different hair phases and what not. I was hoping for so much more. There was little to no Parenthood talk and I am recently watching (season 5 ep 11 at this moment) and I was hoping for some more.
For me the saving grace of this book is about the last 30% (ish). Lauren shares with the readers some writing tips that were given to her “kitchen timer” and I thought it was great. It made so much sense and I think many people could benefit from it and I had never heard of those tips before. I definitely appreciate them.
Then after that till the end she focuses on the Year in a Life. The way this portion is done is the way I would have liked the Gilmore Girls part to be. She kept a journal during the filming and she shared them with us. It was great and so much fun and emotional for those who have followed the Gilmores from the beginning. :). I absolutely loved how Lauren wanted anyone who visited her to have some sort of cameo in the “movies” I just want to re-watch them. I absolutely LOVE how she emphasized her feelings on the last words and how her thoughts are the same as all of the fans.


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